Douglas Home & Co Welcome New Trainees for The Fourth Year

DHCO Trainees

Douglas Home & Co Welcome New Trainees for The Fourth Year

The Douglas Home & Co traineeship has entered its fourth year of intaking trainees. The initiative, which started back in 2018, aims to nurture talented young individuals who are interested in working in the accountancy industry. This year sees three new recruits join the firm, gaining the opportunity to work across a variety of departments, from bookkeeping to tax returns and everything in between, over the next 12 months.

Scott Young and Molly Willmott were welcomed into the DH&Co team in September, with Charlie Comley joining later in October.

Both Scott and Charlie joined the programme straight from Hawick High School. When asked what attracted them to Douglas Home & Co and the training programme, Charlie said “you can experience all areas such as accountancy, bookkeeping, tax and payroll this gives me the opportunity to find what I enjoy most. I have always been interested in working with numbers and this opportunity was the perfect way to get started.”

Scott commented “I’ve always enjoyed working with figures and this training programme is the perfect way to work with figures while also learning all parts of accountancy. I have also heard about the great feedback that Douglas Home receives and that was when I realised, I really wanted to apply for the position.”

Our third trainee Molly left school in 6th year and after taking time to consider her career options decided accountancy was the one for her. Having heard so many positive things about Douglas Home & Co, she embraced the opportunity to join the firm. Molly explains “the training programme offers so many opportunities to learn new skills on the job and to meet different people while working, which I am really enjoying.”

Managing director, Darren Thomson, added “We are delighted to welcome Charlie, Scott, and Molly to the DH&Co team. The firm is committed to investing in the future and developing homegrown talent. The trainee programme has gone from strength to strength over the past few years, providing a valuable development opportunity for young people in the Scottish Borders. We can’t wait to see what our new recruits achieve with the firm.”

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