Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance deals with the capital structure of a business, for example considering the tax and liability implications of a company merger or operating as a sole trader vs a limited company. Businesses may require corporate finance advice when, for example, they are wanting to improve the business strategy or succession plan.

There are several issues relating to the optimal structure of a company, and our team of business advisory experts can help you choose the right path, while considering all of the financial and tax implications. We offer numerous corporate finance services, including, but not limited to:

Corporate sale or buyout

Our expert team of chartered accountants and tax advisors can help you to prepare up-to-date accounts, and provide business valuation guidance in preparation for selling. They can be by your side throughout the process, and introduce other suitably qualified professionals when necessary, to ensure the process is smooth. The team takes great interest in your business, and if you have worked together in the years up to selling, they can ensure you have a good succession plan in place, and consider all tax planning to ensure the sale is as tax efficient as possible.

Corporate Restructures

Restructuring your company can take many different guises, such as; alteration of share classes, creation of a group, merging or de-merging, hive-up or hive down, and so on.

There can be many complex matters to consider when undertaking a corporate restructure, many of these related to multiple different taxes, and many relating to non-tax matters, and our team can help guide you through the process in an efficient, pragmatic manner, whether that be; providing a financial assessment of a target company, valuing your own company in readiness for a sale, considering the optimum business structure for the longer term, and so on.

It is incredibly important to plan any tax implications when considering corporate finance, and our team of tax and accounting experts can help to mitigate taxes with their well-considered and pragmatic planning.

Corporate succession planning

Everything good must come to an end, and that is why corporate succession planning is a vital part of running a business. At some point in time, everyone considers retirement or the sale of their business and early planning is often paramount to ensure you maximise returns and mitigate taxes and stress.

Our team can help you to safeguard your business for the future, and mitigate your potential tax liability.

Restructure the format of the business

Different business structures have varying tax, accountancy and liability implications. Therefore, it may benefit your business to restructure and become more tax efficient. For example, sole traders pay income tax on all their profits whereas Limited Companies pay corporation tax on their profit, which is a lower tax rate.

Our team can help you to analyse and evaluate which structure is best for your business. We can also execute any necessary changes with HMRC and ensure your tax planning is adapted to your new business structure.

Corporate Finance Experts

Experts in Corporate Finance

Mike Johnston & Sheryl Macaulay

Mike and Sheryl are both directors at Douglas Home & Co. They have extensive knowledge and experience regarding corporate finance and can proactive advice during times of change.

“The corporate restructure, whilst complex, seemed incredibly straightforward, as Mike worked directly with our lawyers to pull everything together efficiently. I felt in very safe, capable hands and the project was completed in a timely, professional manner.”

– Brian Middleton

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Corporate Finance Tip

Every corporate restructure is different. Giving detailed consideration to all involved companies’ financial health and tax position is key, and this is something that our specialists can handle for you.

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