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Mike Johnston


Mike Johnston
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Mike has been with the firm since 1998 and has been a Director for 12 years. He is a qualified CA, having studied through the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Scotland, and he specialises in business advisory and tax planning.

Mike can cover many specialist areas, such as corporate restructuring, VAT, IHT, CGT, trusts, succession planning, income tax planning & corporation tax planning.

When asked what he enjoyed most about working with DH&Co, Mike said it was the great staff and the great clients that he has been able to meet and work alongside over the years. As well as this, he says that it is the variety of work that sets DH&Co apart from other companies.

Mike says that his main goal when working is to assist clients by improving their life satisfaction via the combination of increased business profits whilst allowing them to have an acceptable work/life balance and providing them with a quality, efficient service to achieve this.

If you would like to contact Mike you can email him at mikej@dhco.co.uk.

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