Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts

Your annual company accounts show the financial activity of your business throughout the year. They give insight into how well the business is performing, and identify opportunities for growth or areas that require improvement. Your annual accounts are also used to prepare your corporate or personal tax return.

What do I need to complete my annual accounts?

Your business should have procedures in place to record all financial transactions for the company. Good bookkeeping can ensure your annual accounts are accurate and make the year-end less stressful as everything you need will be ready to go.

If you do not have a good bookkeeping system, we can offer flexible and cost-effective solutions that can be tailored to fit your business requirements. Our team can also recommend cloud accounting software such as Sage and Xero which will make your bookkeeping really straightforward.

What are the benefits of outsourcing my accounts?

The greatest benefit is saving your precious time! You probably have an extensive to-do list and trying to complete your own accounts can take up a vast amount of time and be stressful if you are not sure what you are doing.

By utilising our highly experienced accounting team, you will have peace of mind that your annual accounts will meet the legal requirements. We can also expand on your accounts to go beyond the numbers and provide professional advice about your business position. It also allows us to review your tax position and offer advice to mitigate liability, ensuring your business is as tax efficient as possible.

The Douglas Home & Co team acts as an extension to your own business and aims to achieve a deep understanding of how it operates. By having a strong client relationship, it allows us to deliver a very high-quality service when preparing your personal or corporate accounts.

Annual Accounts Experts

Experts in Annual Accounts

DH&Co Directors

All six of the DHCO directors are accounting and tax specialists. With the firm’s director-led approach, each of them actively manages enquiries from our clients. They have also trained the team and passed on their extensive knowledge that has been built up over 40 years of service.

“The guidance, communication and correspondence from Douglas Home & Company has been absolutely fantastic. Everything has been very straightforward and we have never been left guessing about anything –they’re incredibly organised.”

– David Cunningham

Dods of Haddington

Accounts Advice

By outsourcing your accounts to our experienced team, you can gain peace of mind knowing that everything has been carried out correctly. You’ll also get back some precious time to spend on your business.

Accountancy Insights

Business Compliance Insights

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Meeting All Your Accountancy Needs

As well as support for your Annual Accounts, we also offer a range of other Business Compliance Services to meet your Accountancy needs:

Local support

With offices located across Scotland and North England, we can meet where it is most convenient for you

Industry expertise

Our specialists have knowledge spanning many different sectors including agriculture, property, hospitality and medical businesses

Director led

Our highly experienced directors are involved at all levels of the business, making sure you are getting the best service possible

Forward thinking

We take a modern and fresh approach, helping businesses think outside the box and secure exciting opportunities

Making it personal

We work as an extension to your business, getting to know your unique needs

Helping you grow

We are business development specialists, helping your business to go further

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