Tax Investigation

Tax Investigation

The risk of HMRC undertaking a tax investigation continues to increase year on year. There is also a predicted increase in investigations following the rise in financial help for businesses during the coronavirus pandemic. No matter the size or age of your business or whether you have done everything to the letter of the law, HMRC can select anyone for an investigation.

How can we help in the event of an HMRC investigation?

Our team can assist you with an investigation as they can be complex in nature and incredibly time-consuming. Purchasing our Tax Investigation Service will cover the cost of our fees during most HMRC investigations to allow us to deal with the enquiry on your behalf comprehensively.

An HMRC enquiry can be costly due to the time commitment required from your accountant, regardless of the result that HMRC concludes. This varies hugely depending on the size and type of your business, the complexity of the transactions and the record-keeping you have in place.

By having our team by your side during an investigation, we can help provide reassurance throughout a stressful time, prepare in full for queries, through comprehensive reports and supply of evidence. In addition, we can use our extensive experience and professional judgement to help throughout any negotiations.

What is included in the tax investigation service?

No one can prevent an investigation, but our tax investigation service:

  • Will remove your concerns about the rising costs of enquiries
  • Ensures you receive the best defence to protect your tax position
  • Enables us to challenge HMRC’s assertions and assumptions head on, and that the basis of any enquiry is correct and that your case is handled fairly
  • Ensures the tax inspector is only asking for relevant information and documents, and provides all supporting information from our files that relates to your accounts
  • Enables us to handle communication with HMRC, including letters, phone calls or notices issued
  • Allows us to prepare for and attend any face-to-face meetings with the tax inspector
  • Enables us to ‘fight your corner’, explaining our interpretation of any complex or technical areas which may be challenged by HMRC and refer to tax cases that are available

Whether it’s a PAYE or VAT visit, a technical challenge, or a detailed books and records enquiry, our tax investigations service is designed to get you a fair result. It is why we strongly recommend that all our clients consider taking this insurance.

How much does the tax investigation service cost?

Personal tax (individuals, directors, and partners) – £70 per person per year

Trust – £70 per year

Limited Company or Partnership – £220 per year

Sole Trader including personal tax – £160 per year

Tax Investigation Experts

Experts in Tax Investigation

DH&Co Directors

All six of the DHCO directors are tax specialists. With the firm’s director-led approach, each of them actively manages tax enquiries from our clients.

They have also trained the tax investigation team and passed on their extensive knowledge that has been built up over 40 years of service.

“Over the many years I have been a client of DH&Co, their high service standards have never wavered.  As the firm is director-led, you know that you are getting the best advice at all times. They get to know your business extremely well and by providing standard and specialist services all under one roof, you can rely on them for quick and efficient help with many different projects.”

– David Seed

RM&JF Seed

Tax Enquiry Tip

It doesn’t matter if you’ve done everything right, you could still be investigated by HMRC. Careful planning such as checking your accounts are in order and taking out insurance can significantly help you in the event of an investigation.

Tax Insights

Meeting All Your Accountancy Needs

As well as Tax Investigation support, we also offer a range of other Tax Planning Services to meet your Accountancy needs:

Local support

With offices located across Scotland and North England, we can meet where it is most convenient for you

Industry expertise

Our specialists have knowledge spanning many different sectors including agriculture, property, hospitality and medical businesses

Director led

Our highly experienced directors are involved at all levels of the business, making sure you are getting the best service possible

Forward thinking

We take a modern and fresh approach, helping businesses think outside the box and secure exciting opportunities

Making it personal

We work as an extension to your business, getting to know your unique needs

Helping you grow

We are business development specialists, helping your business to go further

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