Personal Estate Planning

Personal Estate Planning

Given the strength of our tax knowledge and familiarity with our client’s business and personal financial affairs, we can plan for life after death in a tax-efficient manner. We provide a caring, personal approach to every aspect of personal estate planning, all our departments have clear communication and reporting to ensure everything is being dealt with in a proactive, efficient, and swift manner.


A Trust can be created to manage a person’s assets such as money, land or property. There are several different types of Trust and each one is taxed differently. Our team can help you to choose the most efficient Trust and can assist in the creation or winding up of a Trust.

Estate Administration

When a person passes away, their estate is administered as per the terms of their Will or as per the law of intestacy (where there is no Will). Our legal team also specialises in estate administration matters. We act with compassion and care and work efficiently, keeping in touch with executors each step of the way, to advise them of the processes and procedures involved.

Wills & Power of Attorney

Two of the most important documents to have in place are a Will and Power of Attorney. A Will deals with the distribution of your estate on death.  It records who should benefit from your estate in accordance with your wishes. A Power of Attorney is a deed that allows you to appoint your chosen Attorney or Attorneys to make decisions on your behalf should you lose the capacity to do so yourself during your lifetime. The team at Douglas Home & Co can draft these legal documents for you and work to ensure they are as tax efficient as possible.

Personal Estate Planning Experts

Experts in Personal Estate Planning

Laura King

Laura King is a Scottish qualified solicitor who works on a consultancy basis for Douglas Home & Co. Prior to working, Laura earned a joint degree in Law and French from Strathclyde University. She specialises in succession and estate planning matters, including the preparation of Wills, Powers of Attorney and Trusts. She can advise on trust law, wills, powers of attorney and estate administration.

Laura works side by side with our tax specialists to ensure all financial areas are considered.

Meeting All Your Accountancy Needs

As well as Personal Estate Planning support, we also offer a range of other Accountancy Services to meet your business needs:

Local support

With offices located across Scotland and North England, we can meet where it is most convenient for you

Industry expertise

Our specialists have knowledge spanning many different sectors including agriculture, property, hospitality and medical businesses

Director led

Our highly experienced directors are involved at all levels of the business, making sure you are getting the best service possible

Forward thinking

We take a modern and fresh approach, helping businesses think outside the box and secure exciting opportunities

Making it personal

We work as an extension to your business, getting to know your unique needs

Helping you grow

We are business development specialists, helping your business to go further

Estate Planning Experts Throughout Scotland and North England

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