Case Study: East Lothian Foodbank

East Lothian Foodbank Audit Case Study

Case Study: East Lothian Foodbank

Since 2012, East Lothian Foodbank has been providing vital support for individuals and families in their geographical area through offering emergency food supplies, signposting services and engaging in ‘More than Food’ projects.

Discussing their requirement for an audit, Mark Singleton, Finance Manager at East Lothian Foodbank, explained, “We were used to managing our accounts internally and having these examined. We were nearing the legal thresholds and required an accountant promptly. Subsequent discussions revealed the need for an audit at short notice.”

Under the leadership of Craig Telford, the Douglas Home & Co audit team offered support throughout the audit process, from initial research and planning to the audit, fieldwork, and reporting. Mark elaborated, “Craig and his team led us through the entire audit process, providing all the information we required. As a charity, assigning a financial value to our food donations was unfamiliar territory, but the team at Douglas Home & Co clearly explained this issue and guided us through to a satisfactory close.”

“Throughout the process, the Douglas Home & Co team showed professionalism. They were not only very helpful and supportive but also easy to communicate with, addressing all our questions promptly. Even if we don’t require a future audit, it will still be worth our while to take advantage of the services offered by DHCO.”

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