Peter Stanger

Peter Stanger

Owner Managed Business Manager

Peter Stanger
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Peter Stanger is the Owner Managed Business Manager at DH&Co and has with at the firm since May 2005. Beginning with the company as a trainee before being promoted to a manager in 2010, Peter’s skills and expertise have been honed through 18 years of hands on experience at the company. He specialises in the day to day running of the accountancy department which is spread over 4 of the 7 DH&Co offices.

Peter manages a team of 13 staff members who deal with filing deadlines and keeping everything within the company on track. During his 18 years with DH&Co, Peter has watched the firm grow from around 30 people to almost 70. He enjoys how DH&Co have managed to keep a personal touch with clients despite the growth and expansion into other service areas. He believes it is the strong team of people, who are always willing to assist both clients and other staff members to achieve the best results, that sets DH&Co apart from other accountancy firms.

Peter’s main goal is to continue enjoying his time with DH&Co and to give clients the best service possible when dealing with the routine accounts and tax requirements.

If you would like to contact Peter you can email him at peters@dhco.co.uk

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