Mike Quintus

Mike Quintus

IT Operations Director

Mike Quintus
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Mike Quintus is the Operations Director at DHCO IT, having worked with the company for over 13 years. Prior to working, Mike studied Computing at Edinburgh Napier University between 2004 and 2008. He specialises in all areas of IT infrastructure, such as emails, networking, security and hardware.

When asked about working at DH&Co, Mike said that he really enjoys the relationship between all members of staff; you can approach directors and discuss just about anything and they aren’t hesitant to make time to sit down and listen to anything going on. He thinks that the overall atmosphere is great as it does not feel overly corporate despite being an accountancy firm, ‘We aren’t stuffy old accountants, the team are very innovative thinkers with strong relationships between each department, our staff days out that are provided by the firm show how well we all get along.’

Mike and the whole IT team share the same goal when it comes to working with clients, this is to provide a robust IT infrastructure to attempt to reduce the likelihood of any major issues happening. They provide a varied range of products to help clients with any potential problems and infrastructures while always keeping an eye on the market to see what is new out there. They aim to limit the technical talk and break it down into simple English, so the client can clearly understand what is going on with their IT.

If you would like to contact Michael you can email him at michaelq@dhco.co.uk 

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