Darren Thomson

Darren Thomson

Managing Director

Darren Thomson
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Darren Thomson is the Managing Director of DH&Co and has worked with the firm for over 25 years. He undertook his C.T.A and A.T.T. as he worked and became a specialist in all tax matters.

Darren has a wide range of knowledge in specialist tax areas such as IHT, CGT, family trusts, corporation tax and VAT as well as in succession and retirement planning for his clients. He takes pride in delivering his advice in a straight-talking and comprehensive, yet personal manner.

When asked what he enjoyed most about working with DH&Co, Darren replied that it was the chance to help solve the problems of his clients and identify the opportunities in which he could save them tax. His main client goal is to deliver, sometimes complex, tax strategies in a clear and friendly manner. He doesn’t just talk about ideas and solutions, but he helps to deliver them and to see them through to complete implementation.

If you would like to contact Darren you can email him at darrent@dhco.co.uk or get in touch using the contact form.

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