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Our experienced succession planning team can provide pro-active advice. Whether that be rural succession or corporate succession. Our team of expert advisers can help provide you with the best advice to suit your circumstances.

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Rural Succession

Rural Succession

After years of working to build up your farm, plans need to be in place to guarantee your family understand what will happen to the business when you are no longer here.

By creating a succession plan, you can start the conversation and safeguard the farm and your family’s future. Douglas Home and Co offer an initial meeting to talk through your business to gain an understanding of your individual position.

This will allow us to build a plan that is fair for each member while navigating issues such as Inheritance Tax. Once the process is complete you will have peace of mind that no matter what might happen in the future, the business will be safe, and everyone involved will be on the same page.

Corporate Succession

At some point in your business evolution, you may need to plan for retirement or wish to sell it on.

By creating a succession plan, this can ensure that you consider financial and legal implications, realistic and achievable time frames and choose the successor which is right for the business.

Douglas Home and Co have a team of succession specialists who can guide you through the process, so no stone is left un-turned. Our team can discuss sensitive subjects such as how much the business is worth, buy-sell agreements and potentially leaving the business to a driven employee or director.

Having this plan in place can allow you to maximise your business value and ensure it is safeguarded for the future.

Corporate Succession
Succession Planning

Succession Planning Experts

Darren Thomson and Sheryl Macaulay, both Directors at DHCO, are our succession specialists. Darren has worked at DHCO for over 25 years and has a wide range of knowledge across specialist tax areas including succession planning. Sheryl has worked at DHCO since 2002 and has a broad experience dealing with many businesses across different industries with their succession planning.

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