Is Your Business Equipped for Remote Working?

Is Your Business Equipped for Remote Working?

Many businesses are set to be affected by the spread of coronavirus. With a two-week self isolation period required for those who may have been exposed to the virus, as well as the need to limit unnecessary interaction between people, many companies are preparing for a transition to remote-working.

DHCO IT Consultants are offering a number of services to help make this process as smooth as possible, allowing you to make sure your business is prepared during this time of economic uncertainty. We’ve summarised some of the key services that could help your business below.


Company Laptops

A crucial part of successful remote-working is being able to access your work files as normal. We can help you to source additional company laptops for home-working, and to provide VPN access to your network files. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) enables employees to securely access your business’s private network remotely, via the internet.

We can also help to set up remote desktop access to employees’ machines at work, meaning that they can still use all the same files and programmes they would normally need at work.


Office 365

With remote access to Office 365, all your Office programmes can be accessed via office.com. This allows employees to edit files using Word and Excel online without having to download anything. We can help you to set up this service on employees’ computers, ensuring a seamless transition to home-working.


Hosted Services  

With Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service, we are also able to host all your business’s servers and virtual machines, allowing you to achieve full remote working at all times.


For more information on how we can help you make the move to remote-working as smooth as possible, please get in touch at mail@dhcoit.co.uk or call us on 01573 225 082.

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