Landed Estates

Landed Estates

Having worked with estate owners since Douglas Home & Co began in the 1980’s, our team have extensive knowledge about the challenges they face. In order to thrive, estate owners need to be innovative, forward-thinking and open to diversification. Ever changing environmental pressures, maintenance of historic buildings and agricultural challenges are a few points that require proactive accounting and financial planning so you can make the most of your assets.  

Led by company directors, Victoria Ivinson and Sheryl Macaulay, who are both members of different Scottish Land & Estate (SLE) committees. Victoria is part of the SLE taxation group who can feedback on potential future government tax changes and lobby to parliament about issues facing the industry. Sheryl is part of the South East committee, where they discuss challenges and share knowledge about various rural sectors. With this additional knowledge, you will be sure to receive tailored advice about the most current issues.

In addition to Victoria and Sheryl, managing director Darren Thomson is also a leading succession specialist within the industry. He has provided many different clients with proactive advice which has helped business owners immensely when they are planning for the future. 

They are all supported by the additional company directors and DH&Co team who all have knowledge and training in this sector. 

Specialist services which lend themselves to landowners include succession planning, tax planning and renewables knowledge. Our expert team can also help with business development and diversification plans, to ensure the best tax and accounting foundations are in place to ensure you get the best return for any new project.


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Landed Estate Tax Advisors

Sheryl & Victoria

We have a dedicated team led by two company Directors, Sheryl Macaulay and Victoria Ivinson, that can assist with both tax planning and claiming reliefs in relation to research and development. Both Sheryl and Victoria have extensive knowledge of the rural sectors having worked with a large variety of businesses within the industry. Read more about their experience.

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DHCO Office Locations

Douglas Home & Co currently have offices in Edinburgh, Kelso, Selkirk, Haddington, Hawick, Alnwick, Penrith and Melrose.

Our multiple locations allow us to locally cover key areas of the Lothians, Scottish Borders and North England.

Our team can work remotely to help businesses across Scotland and the rest of the UK.

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Meeting Your Every Need

Offices located across Scotland and North England, we can meet where it is most convenient for you

Director-led approach – our highly experienced directors are involved at all levels of the business, making sure you are getting the best service possible

Industry experience – knowledge spanning many different sectors including agriculture, property, hospitality and medical businesses

Making it personal – we are an extension to your own business

Modern and fresh approach – we help businesses to think outside the box and help to secure exciting opportunities

Business development specialists – helping your business to go further

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