DH&Co launches new Accounting App

DH&Co launches new Accounting App

We are delighted to launch our brand-new Accounting App. The app is free to use and has several resources to help with all your accounting and tax needs. This new tool also allows for effortless communication directly to and from your account manager resulting in faster transfer of documents.

We have answered some questions to help you make the most of the app.

Can I have all of my cloud accounting software in one place?

Yes, you can have a direct link to cloud accounting software such as Xero and Quickbooks through the app. This allows you to have all your accounting and tax needs in one place.

How does the Mileage Tracker work?

By giving permission for the app to use your location, it can then track all your miles and you can claim back any business miles as expenses. This should save you time by making the mileage tracking automated rather than manually keeping note of all business trips.

How do I send documents to my accountant?

You can either use the document scanner or the receipt manager. Simply take a photograph of the document through the app and then you can export it and send it to yourself, your DH&Co accountant or to any other email address. You can see a video ‘how to’ guide of this feature here.

Will this help me to keep track of tax or budget changes?

Yes, there are helpful tools such as ‘Key Tax Dates’, ‘Tax Tables’ and ‘Budget Information’ that you can access in the app. This provides in depth information about changing tax and accounting information.

Can I use the app if I am not a Douglas Home & Co client?

Anyone can download the app, whether they are a client or not. However, clients will get more out of the app as they can send documents straight to their accountant at Douglas Home & Co.

If you are not a client and would like to make use of these features, please get in touch to discuss becoming a client.

Can your team show me how to use the different features?

You can find ‘how to’ videos here which go show you how to use the main features of the app. If you require further help please contact our IT department.

How do I download the app?

You can download the app by clicking on the Google Play or App Store button. Further information about how to download the app can be found here.

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