Client Case Study – A Hume Country Clothing

Client Case Study – A Hume Country Clothing

A Hume is a fine country clothing outfitter based in Kelso in the Scottish Borders. Established in 1929, A Hume has been passed down three generations and become a multi award winning business that sells the finest brands to their loyal clientele from their two shops in Kelso and worldwide to over 70,000 customers across the globe via their online platform. What makes the company special is their uncompromising standards, Archie’s discerning eye as a buyer and their commitment to the highest possible level of customer service.

Archie and Karen Hume have always looked to use local services that hold high customer service in the same regard. Working with their accountant, Sheryl Macaulay, a director at the firm, they began by using the standard accountancy services and grew to eventually use every service offered including the IT, tax planning and succession planning teams. Karen mentioned, “We have built a strong relationship with Sheryl and the DH&Co team having worked with them for over a decade. They got under the skin of our business early on and have always been incredibly supportive and provided useful advice as we have grown and adapted over time. From bookkeeping to tax planning, we appreciate the continuity and excellent service that comes from using the same firm for all services”.

Over the past two years, the DH&Co team helped Archie and Karen with the sale of A Hume to the managing director of knitwear manufacturer William Lockie. Sheryl was involved through the negotiation stages and delivered due diligence through the complex transaction. Karen explained, “Sheryl was great at liaising with the multiple teams involved in the sale of our business. We greatly appreciated her support during the negotiations as this was an emotional process for Archie and I to sell our family business. Having Sheryl there to provide advice as an independent voice who had an extensive knowledge of our company was extremely beneficial”. Archie is remaining the face of the company and both he and Karen will still be involved in the business following the sale.

Karen mentioned, “DH&Co are not just a business machine, they take a personal interest in your company and aim to gain a strong understanding of how it all works. We have always felt comfortable to ask questions about any complex accountancy and tax processes, Sheryl has clear communication, explains everything in layman’s terms and doesn’t make us feel foolish for asking. Since the day we started working with them, Sheryl and the DH&Co team have felt like an extension to our own business rather than an external supplier.”

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