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Douglas Home & Company celebrates 35 years in business

November 8, 2018

One of Scotland’s leading providers of Chartered Accountancy and Tax Advisory services, Douglas Home & Company, is celebrating 35 years in business.

Specialising in director-led expert advice and financial leadership, the firm has grown from one office in Berwick Upon Tweed in the early 1980s to having offices across the Scottish Borders with a presence inMelrose, Haddington, Alnwick, Selkirk and Hawick as well as the company’s HQ inKelso.

The company was founded in 1983 by former Prime Minister SirAlec Douglas-Home’s nephew, Andrew Douglas-Home, who returned to the family’s estate in Coldstream to set up a financial firm servicing the borders initially.When Andrew retired in 2003, he allowed the business to keep his family’s name which continues to resonate strongly with people across the Scottish Borders.  

Over the past three decades Douglas Home & Company has gone through many changes including a significant expansion in the early 1990sand was one of the first financial firms in the UK to embrace technology by introducing computers to the business in 1990.

In more recent years, the firm has reacted to the changing needs of its clients by diversifying its offering to include IT support, Wills,Payroll, Trusts and Estates work as well as its tax advisory services. What has remained consistent throughout the company’s history is its commitment tol ooking after clients, providing professional, proactive and forward-thinking advice and guidance.

Managing Director, Alan Drummond, joined Douglas Home &Company in 1990 and is proud of how the company has grown while still maintaining the family-focussed values that the organisation had from the very beginning. Alan said:

“Douglas Home & Company’s aim has always been to remain independent and focused on clients. Our people are most certainly our strength and we pride ourselves on our expertise in helping our clients, whether that’s a large business or a family, to make the most of their assets. When people are looking for a tax advisor, its about finding somebody who cares, knows what they’re doing and can spot opportunities – that’s where we excel, with many of our directors personally working closely with our clients.”

While the firm’s values have remained constant, its services have expanded, but also evolved by embracing the challenges business’s have faced, particularly through the advancements in modern technology. Alan explained:

“Today, many of the tasks once completed by people are now completed effectively by accountancy packages on computers, so ‘routine’ work s becoming easier to do because of technology. As a result, there has been a significant shift in our services from routine compliance towards an expert advisory service. At our firm, there’s a desire to please and do our best which has always been there and continues to be valued by our clients.”

At 35 years old, the business plans to continue providing a trusted, people focused service to its clients and keep growing. Alan added:

“More and more businesses, large and small, are valuing the way we work and the level of service we provide. I know that we will keep doingwhat we do best for the next 35 years and continuing to diversify our offering to the benefit of our clients.”

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